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About me

My name is Vasiiliko and I am of Greek heritage.

What’s in a name? Vasiliko in Greek means basil. Basil is a highly fragrant plant whose leaves are used as a seasoning herb for many different types of food. Basil has become one of the most recognisable herbs and also known for its health benefits.

In my past life, I was a Project Manager who managed projects in Australia and on a global scale. My main responsibilities included managing teams of people, risk management, finance management and ensuring work was delivered within tight deadlines. However, I was constantly searching for something new or connection.

How did I get here? In February 2013, my dreams and my path started to become clear. I was on a family holiday back in Greece, when I visited the beautiful island of Chios where I had the pleasure of exploring the true depths of Mastiha. Chios is the only island in Greece where Mastiha is produced. I explored numerous markets and stores where Mastiha was the main ingredient in products sold in these locations and I was blown away by the versatility of one simple ingredient, Mastiha! This included toothpastes, body products, food items and so on. From this moment, I knew Mastiha would be one of the key products that I would base my business on. I instantly felt compelled to tell the ancient story of Mastiha to all that would listen.

So, what is Mastiha? Mastiha is the treasured gem of the Aegean, a sweet, clear crystal from the aromatic resin of the Mastic Tree. This tree is extraordinarily rare and only grows in the southern part of the island Chios.

Why was I so drawn to Mastiha? Chios Mastiha can play an important role to our every day lives as it exhibits strong antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidization action.

The advantages of Mastiha were initially found by Hippocrates and first recorded by Dioscorides - a first century pharmacologist which he described the positive effects the resin could have on one’s health. Since ancient times, it has always been considered a delicacy and the most cosmopolitan product of the Mediterranean.

At Vasiiliko, you will find natural beauty in all of our products. We supply Mastiha in its natural form or as the main natural ingredient in our product range.

At Vasiiliko, we have entered into an exclusive partnership with the Chios Mastiha Growers Association ‘the leading producer and seller of Mastiha worldwide’ official Mastihashop.  

So, you want to purchase my products? Vasiiliko is currently selling products wholesale to retail stores. If you are interested in carrying these products, please fill in the below contact form.

It is my pleasure to help you understand the products of Vasiiliko and to explore a new beginning and connection.


Vasiiliko xxx

Vasiiliko on Facebook  @Vasiiliko

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