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About Mastiha

About Mastiha

Mastiha is a natural resin of the Pistacia Lentiscus var. Chia, a tree which grows only in the Aegean island of Chios, Greece. This unique product is extracted from scratches and scores induced on the trunk and branches of the tree with a sharp tool. Mastiha in teardrop shapes dries, thickens and crystallises. It has an initial taste which is rather bitter but that soon gives way to a distinctive and unique flavor and aroma.

The healing properties.

Mastiha is known since antiquity for its healing effects while recent studies have sparked a widespread interest in it. It has now been scientifically proven that Chios Mastiha displays beneficial action against gastrointestial disorders such as Crohn's disease, dyspepsia & ulcers, contributes to oral hygiene, displays significant antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action, is a natural antioxidant, and also aids in trauma healing and skin regeneration. Today, a series of reports in international medical journals corroborate the historically recorded properties of Chios Mastiha. These bulletins are based on the results of laboratory studies as well as on clinical trials carried out by independent researchers in International and domestic level and have proven that Chios Mastiha possesses unique beneficial and therapeutic properties.

Actions & Benefits

Published scientific research indicates that Chios Mastiha exhibits strong:

  • Antimicrobial and anti-bacterial action
  • Anti-inflammatory action
  • Anti-oxidization action

The positive effect of the above attributes on human health are the contribution of Chios Mastiha on:

  • the hygiene of the gastrointestinal system
  • the prevention and the treatment of peptic system
  • disorders (such as ulcers and dyspepsia)
  • the general oral hygiene (contributing to the reduction of plaque formation, the elimination of the bacterial growth in the oral cavity and strengthening the gums)
  • wound healing and skin regeneration (wound and burn treatment)

Chemical composition

100% natural product containing:

  • natural polymers
  • volatile and aromatic ingredients
  • terpenic acids, polyphenols, phytosterols
  • number of other active ingredients

A unique combination of more than 80 ingredients justifies the various attributes of mastiha and its multiple usage in various sectors and industries such as food and drink, pharmaceutical and parapharmaceutical, cosmetics.

Oral Hygiene

The systematic consumption of Chios mastiha constitutes a drastic and safe mean for improving oral hygiene.


  • Suspend the bacterial development in buccal cavity
  • Reduce the formation of dental plaque.
  • Protect from peridental disorders (like ulitis)
  • Massage the gums (chewing gum)
  • Reduce xerostomia (buccal cativity dryness)

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